I’ve been working at Veryday since 2006. I learn new stuff every day from all the creative and curious souls that work here. The atmosphere is one of a big warm family.

Alexandra Romin

Director of First Impression

Travelling, meeting new people, finding myself in a completely new situation, is a great source of inspiration to me. That in combination with the awesomeness of a thorough well executed design synthesis, that suddenly reveals something unpredictable and untapped, when you just know that you stumbled upon something great to build your design around

Anders Arnqvist

Interaction Designer

I’m a researcher working on understanding how people use collaborative design methods to identify design opportunities. At Veryday I have learned that being open, proactive, and visual with individual work fosters a sense of pride and unity throughout the entire process.

Andrew Whitcomb

Design Researcher

Working with the best people in a multicultural, multidisciplinary, and creative environment gives us the opportunity to create amazing things. For me, working at Veryday is a perfect combination of the things that inspire me the most: working with fabulous people all over the world and creating great business. I get inspired by traveling, and being close to nature.

Anna Bäck

President, Veryday, Asia

I have a great interest in outdoor and sport products. It is an area that is very challenging to work with since it is always on the front edge concerning performance, aesthetics and materials. I have learned to be a good listener, to understand the user’s needs and aspirations, and also the client’s. The users are the experts, but we excel at creating future concepts leveraged from the knowledge we gain from them.

Anna Carell

Industrial Designer

Anna Hellmer


My focus lies within design driven by functionality as opposed to functionality driven by design. When we developed the EzyStove, for example, the aim was not to create the most efficient stove with the most advanced technology. It was to design a stove within the given parameters that focused on benefiting the real needs of real people in their actual lives. It needed to be super cheap and super simple to assemble.

August Michael

Design Engineer

Medical devices with the correct design enhance patient adherence – an essential part to obtaining market authorization.

Beat U. Steffen

Medical Device Regulatory Affairs Expert

I’m very proud of the people at Veryday and amazed by all the talent. It’s the people that make the culture, and the culture is key to foster a climate where innovation and creativity thrives. As you join our team, you’ll learn how to contribute to the unique Veryday culture. It’s really something that attracts and keeps people here for a very long time.

Birgitta Sundén

VP Finance and HR, Deputy CEO

Daniel Höglund

VP Creative Operations, Design Strategist

Becoming truly digital starts with becoming truly physical. Involving people – their needs, aspirations and behaviours – before, during and after the creation of your digital experiences makes the whole difference. That’s also when digital design can create business innovation. For real.

Daniel Sjöblom

Director of Digital Design

In my work I never stop asking questions during the design process. Getting involved in and understanding people’s needs, wishes and dreams is imperative for the creation of, not only intuitive, efficient and easy to use, but also appealing and exciting design solutions.

David Crafoord

Director Industrial Design, Professor

I can’t imagine dedicating my life to anything other than reaching the everyday people out there, and trying to contribute for their lives to be more enjoyable. There is no shortcut to gaining real insight about people — well designed and thoroughly performed research is irreplaceable.

Diana Africano Clark

VP Creative Operations

Dick Wennberg

User Experience Designer

I always try to apply an inclusive approach in my design projects. My ambition is to create a design that is truly accessible and available to as many users as possible.

Elisabeth Ramel-Wåhrberg

Industrial Designer

Design is all about catering for people. The artificial world is ours in the making and it seems strange not to address it from our own needs. I think this has become even more manifested in me since I started working at Veryday.

Ellen Wheatley

Design Researcher, Human Factors

I love the ideation and concept development phase. I am also very passionate about production, realizing a design together with a factory. Achieving the desired result after hard work and finding the right materials, finishes and color matching – is lots of fun and very rewarding.

Emelie Hedén Edlund

Colour, Materials and Trend Forecasting

Erik Ceder

Digital Design Strategist

I enjoy working in mutidisciplinary teams, and every human centered design project gets me going. I am truly passionate about people’s motivations and driven by a desire to tell good stories.

Fernanda Barbato

Visual Interaction Designer

My main focus is ergonomics and design research. I get inspired by the user’s needs and aspirations. Good design should also incorporate history and tradition, even though it may be super modern.

Fredrik Ericsson

Design Researcher, Human Factors

The work leaving this house is quietly given credibility by it’s impact on users and market – rather than trying to convince with a loud voice and intense campaigning.

Gabriel Åberg

Interaction Designer

Håkan Bergkvist

Industrial Designer

Unlike other consultancies, we don’t just ask people what they want, as this will only provide insights of their previous experiences.

Hans Himbert

Industrial Designer

We go to extreme thoroughness to get the job done, and always challenge ourselves by opening up the world of design and design thinking to the people we aim to ultimately help.

Hans Nyström

Design Engineer

Jacob Cyriac

User Experience Designer

Brands need to re-negotiate who they are in order to become more meaningful for people. A razor sharp focus on life’s hardships, while also celebrating its positives, is one of the most effective ways to secure positive growth for any business. Wiring your entire operation around people driven innovation is an essential trait for the leaders of tomorrow.

Jakob Boije

President, Veryday Inc, USA

My interests lay in genuine, honest and often functionally scaled down objects and products. If it’s also done with grace – here’s my money, take it! Hopefully it will serve me for a lifetime.

Jan Puranen

Industrial Designer

“Creativity is connecting things” – Steve Jobs

I’m passionate about connecting Veryday’s creativity to brands that wish to evolve their product, business or service to match and exceed the needs and expectations of today’s increasingly demanding end users and stakeholders.

JC Fantechi

Business Development

Jenni Toriseva


I get inspired by the notion that I can improve the everyday lives of people — it´s an awesome feeling! My own favorite inventions are “smartphones”, that offer the ability to stay connected to anything, or anybody, while having a powerful device right in hand, capturing and assisting daily life. Then something like, the zipper — pure function, invented a hundred years ago in Sweden — “zip-it”, need I to say more?

Joakim Ahlström

Industrial Designer

Today’s challenge is not just about making good design, but also breaking through the media noise with the right message. There are tons of players in the business of design, but few companies put people and the planet at their core like Veryday. The desire to tell successful stories about design helping people is what drives me every day.

Johanna Dunerfeldt

PR & Communications Manager

Jonas Dolk

Industrial Designer, Design Engineer

My colleagues go to extreme lengths to get the job done, and done well. What great motivation!

Jonas Peyerl


To make a great product, you need to make many models and try them out. Learning by doing is key to building engaging experiences for an evolving and uncertain future.

Kristian Eke

Design Engineer

Laura Almenberg

Design Strategist, Design Researcher

Our increasingly digital world is fascinating and challenging. Without physical boundaries we are only limited by imagination and the technology at hand. Finding the edge between what´s imaginable and what´s doable is really motivating. To succeed you have to merge insights about real users and your own visions, celebrating both usability and emotional experiences.

Lennart Andersson

Director Interaction Design, Design Strategist

Leslie Ruckman

Service Designer & Researcher

When you switch perspectives, you might discover new things. How does the world appear for a person with a hearing impairment for example? Attentively listen, observe, explore and be curious about the small unexpected things. It´s about connecting those dots that has not yet been connected to fit that complex human behavioral pattern.

Madlene Lindström

Interaction Designer

My expertise lies in developing and designing methods for consumer insights. Design is often about unique, individual values. We are shifting focus from manufacturing of product and brand personalities towards understanding their impact on the consumer personality instead. Good design changes people in the way they want to change. We need to know who different people are and who they would like to become when integrating with products, brands and services.

Magnus Roos

Design Researcher, Design Psychologist, PhD

Creating Shared Value is a fresh approach to capitalism, one that argues for taking more social responsibility and creating better circumstances for everyone involved in a company or business idea. The results are healthier business environments and greater profits to all. It is truly inspiring when smart solutions like the EzyStove result in a win-win situation.

Malin Orebäck

Director Design Strategy

I believe in our relentless pursuit of innovation opportunities through interaction and co-creation with all the diversity that is constituted by the human being. Facilitating creative interaction between the relevant users, clients, stakeholders, women, men, children, professionals, amateurs to generate insight and build innovation strategies, is what I love to do. And Im fortunate enough to be able to do it almost every day!

Marcus Gabrielsson

Design Strategist, Researcher

The development of malaria prevention in sub Saharan Africa was the most eye opening venture of my professional life. The most rewarding experience you can have is to be able to really change peoples’ lives for the better.

Marcus Heneen

Industrial Designer MFA

Maria Benktzon

Industrial Designer, Professor

I create functionality with attraction.
Quite simply, I make things work better.

Mårten Andrén

Industrial Designer

The diversity in people, projects and challenges that I meet every day at Veryday is so over whelming. It is amazing what comes out of this chapel.

Matilda Månsson

Project Controller

Good ideas are really only valuable if you have the strength and stamina to fully develop them and bring them to market. There are tons of “good ideas”, but unfortunately fewer examples of people and companies that actually have the ability to execute them and hence allow populations to benefit.

Niclas Andersson

VP Marketing & Business Development

Oskar Juhlin

Industrial Designer

Paula C Leyton

Digital Communication & Content Producer

The better the ground work the better the outcome of the project. I believe that the physical ‘exploring’ and ‘trying’ should happen as early as possible in the design process. This coupled with working closely with users and consumers to really understand really makes the difference.

Pelle Reinius

Industrial Designer

I love social media. It has revolutionized communication and thereby enables people to stay in touch and make new contacts, it also has democratized who gets to make themselves heard in public. Amazing really.

Pernilla Danielsson

Design Researcher, Human Factors

A non-hierarchical organization like Veryday leads to innovative ideas and development with game-changing results. I am proud of being a part of a daring, fun and risk-taking team that continues to create groundbreaking and award winning design over and over again.

Peter Ejvinsson

Industrial Designer

Robert Lindahl

IT System Administrator

Rósa Guðjónsdóttir

Interaction Designer & Researcher

Sara Andersson

Senior Designer, Strategist & Color Material Finish

It’s very rewarding working closely with others who share the same common goal: to make things and life better for people. At Veryday every day is different — it is such a great community of inspiring designers.

Siamak Tahmoresnia

Design Strategist, Visual Designer

Sofia Jacobsson Warfaa

Industrial Designer

What I’m most passionate about is helping our clients embrace opportunities to improve or innovate their offering. If we do it right it will radically transform the experience of customers and employees and generate sustainable value at the same time.

Stefan Moritz

Director of Service Design

I’m specialized in product development, technical solutions and model-and prototype creation. There is always a possibility to make improvements to a long-time established product and I’m driven by surprising the end-user with a fantastic solution.

Stefan Strandberg

Product Developer

Stephan von Malortie

Regional Director

Teresa Hallenberg

Senior Designer

I don’t work with design. I work with people. Designing for better emotional experiences with products or services puts a new set of demands on us designers.

Thomas Nilsson

Director Human Factors and Design Research

Ulrika Vejbrink

Industrial Designer